Catch Me If You Can 
Catch Me If You Can

Warning: This story is rated mature, because it's gorey in many areas, and some of the scenes can be very disturbing. 

The BlurbEdit

When Flashwing wakes up with no memories but of her own name, she is unsure of everything. She knows there must be more to life than being a kittypet, but nothing is able to jog her memory. At least until Duke, a fierce brown tom, moves in, and Flashwing knows that the only way to survive now, is to escape.

Main CharactersEdit

Flashwing- white she-cat with dark ginger patches

Duke- large brown tom with huge claws and menacing amber eyes

Ember- black she-kit

Supporting CharactersEdit

Roseanna- russet she-cat

Roseanna's Kits

Duke's Gang

Georgie- ginger tom

Chelsie- brown and russet kittypet

Minor CharactersEdit

Creekstar- black she-cat

Dreamleaf- creamy white she-cat

Sparrowwhisker- brown tabby tom

Screepaw- gray tom

Streamheart- gray she-cat


"Streamheart! Take Flashwing and Screepaw hunting!" Mewed Sparrowwhisker.

Streamheart nodded to the deputy, Sparrowwhisker. "Come on!" She mewed, as she passed Dreamleaf. Flashwing followed her, dragging her apprentice. "Come on Screepaw!" Flashwing mewed to the apprentice. The gray tom dragged his paws. "Why?"

Flashwing ignored him. He needs to learn that just because's he's Creekstar's son, doesn't mean he can slack off.

The three cats reached a small grove near twoleg-place. Flashwing smelled an odd scent, but shook it off. It's nothing. She told herself. Nothing at all.

"Do you hear that?" Mews Streamheart. Her gray ears flickered.

Flashwing mewed, 'I smelt something, but I thought we were just on edge from Quickpelt's death."

Streamheart nodded, but her pelt bristled. Flashwing shuddered. Something's not right.

And she was right. At that moment, Flashwing stepped straight into a thick cage. It shut right behind her. She turned around. "Help!"

"Screepaw! Go find Creekstar!" Mewed Streamheart, and the apprentice scurried off.

The last thing Flashwing remembered before she balcked out, was the paniced face of Streamheart.

I'm sorry.

Chapter 1Edit

Where am I?

Flashwing stuck her head up, to see a twoleg nest. Pancied, she searched her mind, but found nothing. All she knew was her own name.

My name is Flashwing. This is all I know. I dont know where I am, why I'm here, or where I came from.

She looked around the room, for anything that might make sense. There was nothing. Absoloutly nothing.

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